Hello There!

Just like you, we are matcha lovers. We love it in our drinks, desserts, smoothies-you name it, we love it. However, other than the times we went to special dessert shops or brunch restaurants, it was difficult to find a way to enjoy matcha at home. We have explored far and wide for the best matcha-based foods before finally creating our own unique way to enjoy matcha. And thus, our wonderful, silky smooth Matcha Milk Spread was borne.

Inspired by the green tea spreads found in Japan, we experimented with many recipes to create our own unique, creamy blend of sweetness and delicate, matcha flavour. As big believers of using simple, all natural ingredients, we ensure that our spread is packed full of authentic, unadulterated matcha taste.

We can supply wholesale to cafes, restaurants and shops. We recommend serving our spread upon toasts, mixed in warm milk for an instant matcha latte, or baked into desserts for a matcha twist. Please contact us directly for wholesale prices and our current stock list. 

We hope our spread brings you a matcha better day!
Victor & Nethya